Camera Catches Short Mom Trying To Put Sleeping Baby Down In Crib, Then She Topples Over

Growing up in a relatively short family, I’ve lived a lifewhere I was constantly reminded of my height. Not so much when around my fellow shorties, but more around the friends and strangers I’d meet who’d poke fun at my pint size appearance.

Usually, very light-hearted jokes are thrown here and there throughout my days, which I could sometimes take as a compliment. But other times, I’d just be referred to as cute, adorable, or young, even when I’m way past the age for those descriptive words from the mouths they come from.

Regardless of the comments, I’m fine with my size and I enjoy being the little one, but that doesn’t mean that my height never affects my day-to-day activities.

This video below is a hysterical way to prove that short women (and men) everywhere are at a slight disadvantage in many tasks.

This five-foot tall mother is caught on the baby’s monitor trying to put her slowly and quietly into her crib.

If you pay attention to her movement, she has to step up onto a stool in order to reach over and into the crib. And when she does so, it’s still a reach for her to get the baby in seamlessly.

So, this time, we’re in for a bit of a laugh. She ends up toppling into the crib with the baby.

Thankfully, both of them are absolutely fine, but watching this event unfold, and then seeing the mom gracefully climb back out as if this was a normal thing, is absolutely hilarious.

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