Zoo Starts Playing Music, Then This Ostrich Busts Out Some Feathery Moves On Camera

Music is a form of self-expression as well as a common method of release. For one lone ostrich, music broadened his horizons in the realm of dance.

The typical zoo experience consists of strolling around from one animal to the next, sipping on some fresh lemonade, and taking more pictures than your camera can handle.

Every once in a while, some unusual antics will occur at the zoo, making for an unforgettable visit.

One zoo decided to enhance the visitor experience even more by adding music to the mix near the ostrich pen, as you’ll see in the video below.

When the beat progresses, this fluffy ostrich certainly takes notice. He has no problem dancing alone either!

The ostrich begins to swing his head around, even dragging his neck across the floor. Never seen that move before.

This ostrich isn’tthe first animal to getswept away by a catchy rhythm. He soon starts to jiggle his torso, making each feather flow with the movement.

Hethen gets very into the song that is playing. He begins flapping around his long brown and white wings to the tempoof the music, demonstrating ideal dance moves for any bird.

The dance almost seems like an interpretive performance of some kind for this ostrich.

He holds his head up high, as if he is boasting about his stellar skills.

See the ostrich’s moves for yourself below and pleaseSHAREthis ostrich’s entertaining performance with any dance or music lovers!

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