Camera Catches Little Girl With Cerebral Palsy Struggling Near The Pool, Then She Jumps In

There are over 200,000 cases of cerebral palsy every single year in America. This condition is usually caused by abnormal brain development andcannot be cured.

But thankfully, it’s not a fatal condition. The symptoms must be diagnosed, but if you have this disability, your muscle movements and reflexes will be severely impaired.Often times, you will have involuntary movements throughout your day.

While some cases may be worse than others, all cases cause the person who has been diagnosed to fight to be able to complete everyday movements and participate in activities that most wouldn’t think twice about.

So when this adorable little girl’s mother started filming her by the pool, we may all be watching in suspense, hoping that she completes her task and does so without injury.

Andshe does. Although she falls, she gets back up again she even laughs it off.

The courage, strength, and joy that this little girl carries is something that everyone should see because those are some of the most admirable traits in any human.

She’s an inspiration to someone without her condition, so I can only imagine how great it’d be for someone struggling with the same setbacks to see.

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