Camera Catches Man Finding A Baby Above Elderly Womans Head In Grocery Store

Kids are forever entertaining us: With the things they say and do, they can turn all our baddays around.

And they’llpretty much go along with whatever we want to do with thembecause they’re the most adventurous little humans in the world.

When these two young men decide to take their baby buddy, Isaac, to the grocery store, they have much more than a shopping list in mind.

They decided to fool around withsome shoppers, and ultimately, make their days a little better. And possibly a little more confusing too.

They walk up to shoppers alone and tell them there issomething in their hair that they canhelp get out.

But they’re lying about seeing anything. Instead, they make a baby appear.

Each person reacts differently, but every single one of them is so confused it’s hysterical!

At least these people are all happily surprised by a baby. Who wouldn’t smile if a random baby came from the sky?

These interactions are hilarious, and I think every confused woman in this video had an extra reason to smile that day.

What would you do if someone fooled you with this silly trick? Let us know in the comments!

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