Suspected Drunk Driver Crashes Car Into Sheriff’s New Anti-DUI Vehicle

He got the message, but apparently only once it was too late.

Police in northwest Florida say theycharged a man with Driving Under the Influenceafter he crashed his car into a sheriffs office vehicle that was being used to warn motorists against drink driving.

Citrus County Sheriffs Office said Paul Wilkins, 63, struck the cones at a traffic controlpoint in Crystal River at 10 p.m. Saturday night.

He then slammed his car into a patrol car, pushing it 30 feet into another cruiser which was emblazoned with the slogan a cop or a cab, you decide the rear of which was made to look like a taxi.

The irony! the office wrote on Facebook.

Florida Highway Patrol officers arrested Wilkins. Deputies later transported him in the same anti-DUI vehicle to Citrus County Detention Facility.

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