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Not Only Are These Tape Measure Tricks Hilarious, But They Are Downright Amazing

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Most of us use tape measures for, well, measuring. But one fun-loving construction worker has found a much more creative use for this handy extendable tool. This is the pretty much the most useless skill I’ve ever wanted to learn. If it isn’t in the Olympics by 2024, we’ve failed as a civilization. Read more: […]


18 Hilarious SlayMojis That Accurately Reflect Your Amazing, Fucked Up Life

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Thanks to Violet Benson, the brains behind the @DaddyIssues_ Instagram, you no longer have to rely on basic emojis to say everything a single, drunk, pizza eating lady who loves the D needs to sayand more. Benson’s app, SlayMoji, which costs zero dollars to download, gives you access to over 200 deliciously naughty emojis. Check […]


These Flowers Look Beautiful, But They Also Taste Amazing — Here’s Why

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Life is full of rarities, and people who don’t like bacon are among them. After all, how could you not love all of the cured, salty goodness that bacon brings to the table? People of all ages adore the stuff (like this little guy, for example), and it’s a staple in so many dishes. The […]