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Artist Travels To Stunning Locations Only To Paint The Pattern Of His Shirt

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The idea behind the project is for the duo to visit scenic locations where famous artists like Vincent Van Gogh, Claude Monet, or Paul Cezanne painted their works. However, instead of replicating their proud works, Hank paints the pattern of his shirt. Their project combines conceptual and concrete art as well as plein air and […]


This Black Cosplayer Is Breaking The Racial Boundaries Of Cosplay In Amazing Ways

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The 21 year-old Virginia native has taken the Internet by storm, and we’re not just talking about the time she did Storm from X-Men. Whether she takes on Anime or American cartoons, her ability to transform into any character she chooses is truly awe-inspiring.


Action Figures Come To Life In Stunning Images By Japanese Photographer

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Whether it’s Hulk smashing a can of soda, or Spiderman trying to ‘play’ Captain America’s shield on a CD player, these images bring the colorful personalities of unlikely friends and foes. #1 Read more:


Artist Turns Old CDs Into Amazing Sculptures Instead Of Throwing Them Away

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“My sculptures are all constructed with recycled materials — old CDs, computer hard drives etc, so I classify my work as “sustainable art,”” says the artist. “They’re a lot of fun to make, but they take an extremely long time to finish, so I don’t do a lot of them.” Check out some of our […]


What Happens When You Slow Down Dolly Partons Jolene To 33 Is Absolutely Amazing

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The original song became Parton’s second solo number-one single on the country charts. It tells a story about a woman who confronts Jolene, a beautiful goddess, who she believes is trying to steal her lover. Dolly claims that “Jolene” is the most-recorded song by other artists of all the songs she has written. It was […]


Artist Found An Amazing Way To Preserve Origami By Using Glass Bell Jars

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“There is something magical in the transition from a single square sheet of paper to the desired shape: animal or insect, real or imaginary,” Touitou said. Her origami creatures are inspired by natural history museums’ preservation methods which were widely used in Renaissance Europe.