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First True-Color Image Of Saturns North Pole Hurricane Is Stunning


The Cassini Spacecraft is getting closer and closer to Saturn, providing us with some of the most spectacular views we have ever seen of the ringed planet. Each new photo is so hotly anticipated that we want to see them as soon as NASA gets them, so they are mostly distributed in black and white, […]


This Froyo Tastes Amazing And Won’t Sneakily Make You Fat


What happened to the great froyo craze of 2010-2012? No one really knows. But, to be fair, froyo is still like, a decent way to enjoy dessert without gaining 3 lbs. so were not gonna totally knock it. However, your froyo stops being healthy when you get the sugariest flavor and add six chopped up […]


Rainbow Village: Indonesian Government Invests $22,467 To Paint 232 Slum Houses, And Result Is Amazing

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The Central Java community, located in a southern district of Semarang, spent over $22k on the magnificent makeover in a bid to shake off its status as a degraded slum. Initiated by 54-year-old junior high principal Slamet Widodo, the project was inspired by at least 3 other towns in the country that adopted similar paint […]