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Kristen Bell’s Tatas Take The Spotlight In A Stunning Jumpsuit At The Peoples Choice Awards!

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Kristen Bell has done it again! The actress surprised us in silver for the People’s Choice Awards on Wednesday night, and we couldn’t be more excited for her arrival! She’s confidently rocking this Rasario jumpsuit, right?? After all, Kristen almost looked like she was rocking silver scales with a chic white shells to draw attention […]


10 Amazing New Bets That You Will Always Win

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Quirkology did release a new issue (the 16th already!) of his “bets that you will always win” series. This time featuring standing eggs, dancing coins and over 100,000 views within hours. “With special thanks to Mitch for the ‘knocking down the wall’ bet!” via: tastefullyoffensive Read more:


Women Reclaim The Streets Of Cairo Through Stunning Ballet Photos


In his series Ballerinas of Cairo, photographer Mohamed Taher documents Egyptian dancers making the city streets their stage pirouetting, leaping and posing their way through their countrys sprawling capital. Theres a huge problem for women in [Egypts]streets, Taher recently toldUpworthy. Theres a lot of sexual harassment … so now this was a layer of the […]