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Spectacular Iceberg Drifts Past Tiny Canadian Town


A huge iceberg has set sail past a tiny town in Canadas Newfoundland and Labrador, drawing in huge crowds of snap-happy tourists. This years Easter weekend witnessed a particularly huge iceberg drift down the eastern shores of Ferryland, a coastaltown in Newfoundland with a population of around 500. Although its hard to make a sturdy […]


Amazing Observation Of Four Images Of The Same Supernova


There are about three supernovae per galaxy per century. That means if youre an astronomer hunting for them, you need to make sure to lookat the right object at the right time. And sometimes, by chance, you can stumble uponan incredible find like iPTF16geu. The supernova is a quadruple treat. The galaxy that hosts iPTF16geu […]


Husband and Wife Do Amazing Aerial Performance


The guy of this acrobatic duo hung upside from a bar and?helped his wife perform some amazing flips. He caught her in some gorgeous poses during the routine, but had the stop briefly as their kid wandered towards them. Read more:


Wildlife Experts Were Boating When They Saw Something So Stunning In The Water


While boating in the Amazon, conservationists came across an incredible animal taking a cross-river swim. The Amazon is the most biologically diverse place on Earth, teeming with all sorts of botanical, insect, and animal life. Sadly, however, humans have done irreparable damage to large portions of the land, displacing creatures and even causing some to […]