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Remembering Anton Egos Amazing Ratatouille Speech on Critics vs Creators

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Ratatouille is often regarded as one of Pixar’s most underrated films despite its critical acclaim (it was still nominated for five Oscars after all). Its ‘Pixar moment’ is near the end when Anton Ego’s review of Gusteau’s is read aloud and it’s one of my favorite Pixar monologues. My personal favorite line: “Not everyone can […]


Amazing! Colbert-inspired shot/chaser shows what a difference 3 years (and a GOP president) can make

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Stephen Colbert weighed in on the Trump budget in part this way: Colbert trashes callous Trump's budget: I believe children should go to the doctor and eat #LSSC — Marlow Stern (@MarlowNYC) May 24, 2017 Edgy: Comedy used to be rebellious. Now it's about shilling for government spending. Pitiful. — Jason (@CounterMoonbat) […]


NASA’s new Jupiter photos are some of the most stunning ever


has new information on Jupiter that was collected during its Juno Mission, revealing even more about our solar systems largest planet. , the space probe that NASA first launched in 2011, reached Jupiter in 2016 and is orbiting the planet. Juno is equipped to collect data on gravity and magnetic fields, thermal microwave radiation, infrared […]


Kirsten Dunst Just Shaded The Spider-Man Reboots In The Most Amazing Way

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Kirsten Dunst is serving up the Spider-Man shade you didn’t know you needed! In a new feature with Variety, the 35-year-old actress, who played Mary-Jane Watson in Sam Raimi‘s trilogy, gushed about being cast in one of Hollywood’s first comic book films — while totally taking a dig at the future reboots! The Bring It […]