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11 Amazing Pictures Of Puppies From Their First Few Days On The Job


Dogs are amazing creatures. They love their humans unconditionally, they are our very best friends.

But dogs are so much more than cute fuzzy animals with whomwe can snuggle and play fetch. Dogs are intelligent creatures who are capable of learning many things, and they also have abilities to sense things that we cannot.

Service dogs, police dogs, search and rescue dogs, and all dogs on the jobhave such important work to do. Some humans literally would not be alive if it weren’t for their service dogs or the dogs on police forces protecting their town.

But these dogs all have to start somewhere, and they start learning the ropes as little puppies.

These 11 pups on their first days of the job don’t know all the ins and outs of their roles yet, but they’re all pretty darn excited to get learning! Plus they’re all so precious!

Do service dogs affect your life in a positive way? Aren’t they so special?

1. Meeting A Fireman


Service dogs aren’t supposed to interact with people, but this little guy couldn’t resist saying hello to the fireman.

2. Drowning In An Oversized Vest


Don’t worry, little guy, you’ll grow into it.

3. Napping On The Job


This little pooch needed a nap on the job, because being a service dog is hard!

4. Finnish Police Pup


This Finnish police pup is sitting up nice and straight for his first day on the job!

5. Pup In Class


If every class in college had a service puppy in training in attendance, I don’t think any students would ever skip class. Teachers, take note.

6. A Very Well-Loved Toy


Looks like this service pooch still needs his own little comfort token until he gets more comfortable at work.

7. Earning The Vest


This little poochie named Denver just earned his service dog jacket. Good job, Denver!

8. At The Grocery Store


Even tiny service dogs have to get the shopping done.

9. So, So Happy


This teeny shepherd is so happy to be starting on the job, but he may want to reconsider the vest until he’s a bit older. He’s going to trip himself!

10. Future Leader


This puppy’s firstday on the job wasas soon as he started training. You can do it, little guy!

11. New Sheriff In Town


This little hound is going to make a great sheriff, I canjust sense it.

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