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Muslim Teen Becomes First Miss USA Contestant To Compete Wearing A Hijab & Burkini! See Her Stunning & Historic Look!

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She’s beauty and she’s grace and she’s wearing a hijab! Halima Aden may have not been crowned Miss Minnesota USA on Sunday night, but she still made history! The 19-year-old Somali-American became the first Miss USA contestant to compete wearing a hijab, and even wore a burkini during the swimsuit portion of the competition! Related: […]


If You Love Enamel Pins, Youll Love This Etsy Shop, And If You Dont Care About Enamel Pins, Youll Explode Over This Picture Of A Bulldog Puppy, And If That Doesnt Do It For You, Youll Lose Your Shit Over This Amazing-Looking Pizza, And If You Dont, Well F

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If you cant get enough enamel pins, then its time to start freaking out, because this Etsy shop is all about them. With hundreds of unique designs for you to mix and match, its easy to get lost in this enamel fans wonderland. Check it out: Or maybe enamel isnt for you. Not a problem. […]


Interactive 3D Atlas Shows Human Embryo Development In Amazing Detail


A new project is giving a never-before-seen look into the beautiful and, lets face it, bizarre world of human embryos. Not only could it help doctors understand congenital malformations and diseases better, its showing how surprisingly little modern science knows about the physiology of early human embryodevelopment. Embryology experts from the University of Amsterdam have […]