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15+ Of The Worlds Most Amazing Restaurants To Eat In Before You Die

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Well you’re in luck, because as you can see from the restaurants featured below, there’s a place to suit all of your dining preferences, no matter how weird those preferences might be.


Iceland’s capital plunges into darkness for stunning Northern Lights display

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(CNN)The city of Reykjavik, Iceland’s capital, turned dark overnight to allow residents and visitors the unforgettable opportunity to view the dancing lights of the Aurora Borealis. The city council ordered street lights to be turned off in most neighborhoods for an hour Wednesday night to help improve the visibility of the Northern Lights spectacle. Residents […]


10+ Scar-Covering Tattoos With Amazing Stories Behind Them

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Check out this list of tattoo cover-up stories compiled by Bored Panda to read about the events that inspired people to get inked. Some had surgery scars and dog bites they wanted to hide, while others decided to get tattoos to cover injuries inflicted by abusive partners or the painful results of bets gone wrong. […]


Street Artists Transformed Arkansas City Into A Stunning Outdoor Art Gallery

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Nine artists painted murals and created various indoor and outdoor installations under the curation of JUSTKIDS, a network of artists, designers and consultants that create international art and gallery shows. This year’s line-up included well-respected artists such as Guido van Helten, Faith47, Bordalo II, and Alex Diaz, and as you can see from these pictures, […]