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Cherry Overcomes His Abuse And Becomes An Amazing Family Dog


This dog has lived a violent life. But this life he lived was not by choice, and he was abused to the point of being scared to even walk around without crouching down close to the floor. When peoplefound him, they somehow thought euthanizing him and all of the other dogs with himwas the most […]


Old Wine Bottles Transform Into A Stunning New Floor Lamp


There is something very satisfying about creating a project on your own. I don’t tackle DIY projects often, but moving into my first househas certainly opened up the door to many obstacles and opportunities that require me to figure out how to do things myself. The internet has been a great resource for me when […]


Tim Kaine Just Sparked An Amazing Series Of Dad Jokes On Twitter


Tim Kaine’s speech at the 2016 Democratic National Convention was embraced by the Twitter community on Wednesday evening, prompting users to craft dad jokes about the party’s vice presidential nominee. Check out our favorites below: Read more:


Teen Mariachi Singer Blows DNC Away With Stunning National Anthem Performance


Mariachi singer Sebastien de la Cruz brought down the house at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Wednesday. The 14-year-old San Antonian opened the DNC with a rendition of the “Star Spangled Banner” so beautiful, it gave people on social media a serious case of the feels. Wednesday wasn’t de la Cruz’s first time […]


Disney Fan Builds Stunning Paper Replica Of Rapunzels Tower


There’s something incredibly nostalgic about Disney movies. I watched plenty of shows and movies as a kid, but none of them have really stuck with me like the Disney classics have. Every time I hear a song fromThe Little Mermaid or catch a scene fromAladdin while I’m channel surfing, I can’t help but smile and […]